Hindi Music & Bollywood is all about people and their Colourful dreams. Each year bollywood gives us comedy, action, romance, emotions in abundance that reaches our hearts and souls. The biggest gift from the world’s largest film producing nation by box office, apart from culture and heritage is its songs…its music. What better way to express your feelings than a beautiful piece lyrical composition by legendary poets sung by the finest voices of India at the tunes of musical maestros. Radio as we know plays a big role in getting these songs and feelings to us.
Young enthusiasts who have a passion for getting these feelings to you, formed and launched Radio Garam Masala in August 2013 with ‘giving something back to the community’ philosophy
Our Mission
At Radio Garam Masala which is Perth's first and only 24hour online radio station, we home deliver a package of Hindi MUSIC, MASTI and MAGIC to you!!
Our Purpose
At Radio Garam Masala, we aim to keep our listeners entertained with great music and humour to keep our audience enthralled and wanting more. We endeavour to unite various parts of the subcontinent and South East Asia. This radio station aims to be a one stop shop for all age groups as the songs range from old classics to the latest groovy and hip music. Our energetic and witty team will give you garama-garam gossip, current affairs, sports news, key Calender events, guest speakers, interviews and much more with full desi style tadka and offcourse with lots and lots of GARAM MASALA!
Send your requests to studio@radiogarammasala.com
Download the Radio Garam Masala App for iphone and Android and keep listening to Radio Garam Masala….Its Spicy…Its hot.... sunte reh jaoge!!