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Kekil Bhatia has born & brought up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He has been living in Perth since 2007. 

Though, he is an Engineer by profession, he has always been active in entertaining people with his multi-talented skills like singing, dancing, Modelling, MCing, script-writing, event organising and now a Radio presenter.

As per him, 'Life is too short to take stress, just go with the flow and let life give you new surprises'. So, he has taken this new role of Radio-Jokey to entertain people through a different medium. As he has been living in Perth since last few years, he has got an idea of what kind of bollywood music people love from the diversified local Indian Communities.   

His show 'Desi Pataka' not only includes the gossips & affairs of bollywood biggies, but also provides information like health tips, weather, cultural activities, festivals, cricket updates, food recipes along with entertaining songs & jokes.. a full fantabulous package. People are also invited to talk about their businesses, sharing any news or wishing their loved ones. 


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