Sports-Mad Indonesian Couple Name New Baby "Asian Games"

Tue, 21/08/2018 - 7:06pm

A sports-mad Indonesian couple have named their new baby 'Asian Games' to mark her arrival as the country kicked off the world's second-biggest multi-sport event.

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Uttarakhand High Court Bans Goat Slaughter In The Open On Bakr-Eid

Tue, 21/08/2018 - 7:02pm

The Uttarakhand High Court today imposed a ban on slaughter of goats in the open or in public on the occasion of Bakr-Eid.

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Do You Have A Desk Job? Here's How Physical Activity At Office Will Reduce Stress

Tue, 21/08/2018 - 7:01pm

According to the new research led by the University of Arizona sitting at your desk for long hours without regular breaks can affect your overall health.

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Jacqueline Is Back In Mumbai But Clearly Still Dreaming Of Italy

Tue, 21/08/2018 - 6:59pm

On her recent trip, Jacqueline Fernandez visited several locations including Capri, Positano and Naples

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Parineeti Answers A Big Wedding Question: Will She Steal Nick's Shoes?

Tue, 21/08/2018 - 6:58pm

Hey, Nick Jonas, better do some homework on Indian weddings. Right, Priyanka Chopra?

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Yamaha YZF-R15 V2.0 Discontinued In India

Tue, 21/08/2018 - 6:56pm

Yamaha Motor India has pulled the plug on the YZF-R15 V2.0 in the country, six months after the YZF-R15 V3.0 went on sale earlier this year. The Yamaha R15 has been one of the most successful...

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Microsoft Ties Fake US Political Websites to Russian Hackers

Tue, 21/08/2018 - 6:54pm

Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit took the lead role in finding and disabling the sites, and it is launching an effort to provide expanded cybersecurity protection for campaigns and election agencies.

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Asian Games: Saurabh Chaudhary, Sanjeev Rajput Script Shooting Successes

Tue, 21/08/2018 - 6:30pm

Sanjeev Rajput was looking for gold before he had to settle for silver.

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Tesla Board May Have Too Many Ties to CEO Musk, Experts Say

Tue, 21/08/2018 - 6:30pm

At least five of the company's eight non-executive directors have strong ties to Musk or one of his other companies, throwing their independence into question.

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Argentinian Police Officer Who Breastfed Someone's Hungry Baby Promoted

Tue, 21/08/2018 - 6:27pm

Celeste Ayala, a police officer in Argentina, is being hailed a hero for stepping up to care for a malnourished baby by breastfeeding him.

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